Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday and Monday Night Tea

Its been a busy day washing and ironing and  I still have more to do.  

I nipped to the charity shop this morning and managed to acquire two fir cone garlands for less than £5 as well as three mixing bowls, one nice and deep which will be ideal  for making bread by hand, the second is a nice large deep being mixing bowl similar to the Mason Cash ones and then a Creamy coloured T G Green Bowl which I am rather chuffed with.  So I am pleased with my finds.

 I have also started scrubbing the bathroom out including washing and scrubbing the walls down.  Unfortunately we get mould on the lower wall in the bathroom which needs scrubbing out with white vinegar so it is a little time consuming.  We have told the landlord but he does not seem keen to do anything about it.So I have to keep scrubbing it out every so often. Part of the problem is that one of the walls is a North facing wall and it gets bitterly cold.  It really needs a little radiator in there as condensation builds up on that wall due to the heat from the house hitting the outside  wall.  This is where the toilet is and in the winter months you do not linger long in there.

I had planned on having a scratch tea something like poached egg on toast but OH came home via the supermarket.  He had popped into the fish counter at our new Waitrose store hoping to come back with some Monk Fish.  We had this about  a fortnight ago and it was cooked in butter in the oven in a roasting bag and it was very delicious.  Unfortunately they had not received a delivery today.  But he came home with a piece of cod for himself and a piece of smoked haddock for me.  served with new potatoes and french beans it was delicious.  I have just realised he bought some Tartare sauce home as well and I forgot about that.  Oohps a daisy and I love Tartare sauce too.

Right things to do catch you later.



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