Friday, 26 December 2014

Quiet Christmas

We have had a very quiet Christmas so far - just OH and I yesterday.  We normally have a Turkey for Christmas Day dinner but this year we tried a Turkey bomb.  Very nice really enjoyed it but we will be returning the full sized Turkey next year.  The Turkey bomb though would be ideal for a large family gathering. Today my mum should have been with us unfortunately OH is full of cold and so we have had to put her off coming - we do not want her being poorly as well. [my mum like myself because of a wonky immune system does not need to be near anyone with a cold as what would be a mild cold for everyone else always ends up double whammy for us].  However that being said I hate being practical because it is letting her down; although I know it is the best thing to do in the long run - a heart versus head situation; it doesn't make it any easier.

 Fortunately OH seems a bit easier than he was so fingers crossed for Sunday going ahead.

The house is warm and snug at the moment although it sounds like it is chucking it down with rain outside although the forecast does say some snow so we shall just have to see what we get up to tomorrow morning.  OH is out for the count at the moment.

Wishing you happiness for the rest of the season.



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  1. I never have Turkey, we raised Norfolk Blacks when I was a child and I did not like them. This year we had slow cooked shoulder of pork, with all the traditional extras and it was delicious. The leftovers have been pulled and stirred into my barbecue sauce and frozen in meal sized portions. We are on our second day of rain, snow ix forecast for the high country but we are so near the sea that we should escape. I hope that OH is soon better and you can enjoy time with your Mum.


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