Friday, 12 December 2014

Thursday evening catch up (Or should that be comedy of errors!)

Good Evening everyone

Hope it has been a good day for you although it was blowing a hoolie first thing and I had the wind against me as I walked into work and it was bitter. despite being well wrapped up I still managed to get a little chilled.

In my infinite wisdom for some strange reason I decided to go into town after work as it is late night shopping on a Thursday but in the run up to Christmas a lot of the shops are open until 9:00pm.   I had a reason for going in as I needed a present for a Secret Santa gift and I had no idea what I was looking for - I eventually found something which I think will suit the recipient nicely but it took me an age.

In any event OH normally picks me up from work for about 5:30pm but as I was going shopping we left it that I would give him a ring when I had finished.  However I had not counted on my mobile phone dying on me!  I then tried to locate a telephone box (they are becoming a rare breed these days) I tried two both gobbled what change I had and disconnected me on both occasions; so needs must I walked home, traversing the underpass and walking the most open way just in case OH came looking for me (which by the way he didn't)!  It tipped it down so I came in like a drowned rat and had got cold and my legs have seized up.  I am now in PJs having had some supper and am now under a throw, but I think some painkillers are going to be needed if I am to get a good night's sleep my lower torso has really tightened up - might take a hottie bottle to bed to keep warm.  I am on holiday from tomorrow night for a week, a lot to do.

OH is to repaper a wall in the lounge that has got a bit tatty with playful kittens and wallpaper not a good match (lets say their paper stripping skills are second to none!).  Anyhbody fancy hiring them?  I have two different wallpapers with a border strip in between and OH was adamant that we had none of the border left - I knew differently I just could not locate it. Last night I went looking and found it so I think he will be tackling that on Saturday whilst I am out - I have a dinner dance/Christmas party to go to in the evening.

I also located some knitting I had started but not got finished.  A chunky jumper and an edge to edge jacket which I have dragged out and hope to get a wriggle on over the Christmas holidays.  Truth is I am in need of some new jumpers so this is the cheapest option for me at the moment.  I have two sleeves and a little more on the front of the jumper to do and two sleeves and two fronts on the edge to edge jacket.

I also want to start cutting the pieces for one of the shirt based quilts that I want to make just starting with something simple to see if I can find my way around working one;  I have been collecting for the past 9 months or so

I am hoping to get the Christmas Tree up and some of the decorations up on Sunday.  I also found some of my decorations last evening as I was searching for the border roll of wallpaper including my string of old Father Christmas card cut out garland and the Snowman garland.  Both came from a reproduction shop called Past Times which I believe has now gone out of business.  It is a shame as they always had a good display on for Christmas and over the years I acquired some lovely bits and bobs from them.

Right some shut eye required - all out of routine since late home.

Catch you soon




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  1. It was a sad day when Past Times closed down, I too have many little treasures from there. One of out Christmas traditions was to go there and find a new bauble for the tree.


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