Friday, 2 January 2015


I have snaffled a little bargain in that I have 2kgs of fresh Apricots for £2 from the Greengrocers.  I do not have time to process them at the moment so I have popped them into the freezer to make the most of another day (they are bagged up ready above).  I quite like Apricot jam on hot croissants for breakfast but I quite like the idea of making some Labneh (Yogurt cheese) and having it with some of the Apricot jam in a bowl for breakfast.  There is always some yogurt available at the end of the week and rather than waste it I had been freezing it mixing with some mixed fruit berries, lining a bread tin with clingfilm tipping the mixture in and then freezing I haven't been adding sugar because of the OH and I quite like the tartness of the yogurt but you could always add a little to suit your own taste.  This forms like a block ice cream which I serve in slices with some fruit coulis which is delicious.

The use of the Labneh cheese and the Apricot  has been inspired by a recipe for purple fig and pomegranate jam from my new book Salt Sugar Smoke by Diane Henry which is a really lovely book.  It has recipes for Apricot and Lavender jam (very provencale combination) and an Apricot and Vanilla jam which in turn would be fantastic with croissants but which I think would make a lovely light steamed pudding or with a home made rice pudding.  Yummy.

I have some lavender sugar that I made last year and a little of this might make a good addition to the Apricot jam  but I also have a recipe for Apple and Lavender jelly.  Alternatively it would make a delicious panacotta.

Every little ingredient has a part to play and leads to more choice and new options/combinations. 

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