Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chestnuts in Cointreu and Orange Syrup

 Chestnuts in Cointreau & orange syrup

I love Roasted Chestnuts.  I remember that as a little girl my Dad used to buy the from the street traders but we were considred too small to eat them.  However when I got  a little older my dad introduced me to them from a stall in the centre of Peterborough (you do not see the, these days) and I was hooked.  Dad also did the same with green Filbert Nuts (a member of the hazlenut/cob family and with Green Walnuts) and I have been a firm fan of nuts ever since.  I do not like wasting such treasures I found this recipe in the November Edition of the Good Food Magazine and it is a Mary Cadogan one - her recipes are always superb.

I had intended to make this receipe. before Christmas but real life got in the way and as I still have some Chestnuts to hand which need using up I thought that this might be  good use for them and put something up on the pantry shelf for an emergency pudding.

Here is the link to the recipe instructions on the BBC Good Food website:

Whilst on there I found a slightly different version of the Chestnuts to do so I may well pay a visit to the Greengrocers to get some more Chestnuts to prepare this one too; However you can always use the vaaccuum packed ones availble from the supermarket.

Here is the link for that one as well:  

I like different and for me its always about finding things to make that are that little bit different but which are good eating and which will provide something enjoyable in a hurry.  A very quick pudding can be made with both of these ingredients and I think they would be super in a vanilla sponge gateaux with the syrup drizzled on the sponge or just with home made ice cream or just mixed with some whipped double cream and some crushed meringues and of course you can always add some chestnut puree from a can whipped in with the cream.

Catch you later have to get a wriggle on.



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