Monday, 12 January 2015

Dry Lemon Marinade

Its lemons again but this time using the peel of the lemon to make a dry rub/marinade for chicken:

You will need:

2 lemons
2 tsp lemon thyme chopped
1 tbsp lemon verbena chopped
1 tbsp lemon grass chopped

Peel the lemons into strips and air dry the peel and the herbs on a rack for on or two days.

When thoroughly dry powder the lemon rind in a pestle and mortar.  Add the other flavourings then crush and blend the desired consistency.  Decant into an airtight jar. 

 I have the herbs ready to hand having already dried them last summer and they are part of my dried store, but you may not be able to take advantage of this recipe at the present time. but it is one for keeping hold of and to make come the summer months especially as the shops charge an arm and a leg for dried marinades when in fact they are quite simple to put together.

To use

Rub the dried mix into the chicken about an hour before cooking and leave somewhere cool to stand and take on the flavour of the mix.

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