Monday, 5 January 2015

Home Made Rice Pudding and Lemon Pudding

Whilst at the Co-Op yesterday I came upon single cream at 20pence per carton.  There were only four left but I brought them home anyway.  Pity it was not double cream as I could have made some butter.  You should never turn down a bargain when it comes to cream as it can always be turned into something useful.

Some of  the cream is destined for home made rice pudding. Yummy.  Will probably serve this with some bottled plums to give the creaminess of the pudding a lift.

Some of it I will whip and use it probably with a trifle and some of it will go in the broccoli and Stilton Soup that I have on the go served with the Fennel Seed Bread.  I am also going to experiment with a cranberry, golden sultana, fresh apple and pecan nut dough in the breadmaker together with some mixed spice and cinnamon.  Should go well with the cranberry and fresh apple.

I also intend to make a second pudding an old faithful that is one of my favourites and which I have posted about here : way to use up the stash of lemons I currently have to hand.

These colder days need some more padding ou foodwise to keep us warm. 

For mains we are having chicken slow cooked with veggies and served with mashed potatoes.

Have a lot to do tonight so may not get back for a second post.

Catch you soon.



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