Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hot Water Bottles and Blankets

I think sometimes I am a little odd in that with the introduction of duvets I still hung on to my hot water bottles (I stress the plural) and my blankets and rugs when everyone else was getting rid of theirs.  In retrospect I am so glad I did. They get used on the bed with the duvets as well as when I am sat watching TV or listening to it on the sofa.  You can get hot water bottles from Wilkinsons pretty reasonably (the hottie botties as I call them) and you can always dress them up.  They keep your tootsies warm as well for little expenditure but they do sterling duty and we all have to watch the pennies in this day and age.

Unfortunately I am a cold mortal and once I get cold it takes me ages to warm up and when I am like that out comes the hot water bottle and the blankets.  However if I get really cold on the inside as I call it then I am usually poorly.  The trick is not to get cold but that is not always easy to achieve.

It gets worse -  I have also taken to crotcheting my own blankets.  Some are finished others are still work in progress, but they will be cosy, warm and comforting, as well as individual once they are all done.

The house I live in which we rent is over 150 years old, is a terrace which still has its chimney stacks and a beautiful draw under the floorboards but because of the age of the house and quite frankly the lack of maintenance and what has been done is not of good quality if you wanted to open up the fireplaces it would cost you an arm and a leg. Because of the good draw under the floorboards I think the fires would pull well and also dry the house out.

If I ever get to the position whereby we have to move or get into a position where we can buy I would want a home with chimney stacks that could if closed up be re-instated. Fireplaces are useful pieces of equipment to have as you have  means of keeping yourself warm if the central heating fails.  I would also like a range cooker of some description - my Nan had a woodfired Rayburn as well as keeping warm you need to be able to feed yourself cheaply.  Thats with a nod to the past but they have come up in recent years with green renewable resources to heat the home they may well be worth looking at too.

But we need fire, and heat to keep warm and to cook and in the greater scheme of things everything no matter how small has its place.

Blankets and hot water bottle here I come.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I don't have a water bottle any more, because of he central heating. But I do remember using them, also recall my Mother using a brick, putting it in the oven and then in the bed to warm it up.
    Hope you are keeping warm.


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