Saturday, 10 January 2015

Its been a busy old week

A long old week but a busy one at work and at home and at the moment the weather is really wild and blowing a hoolie and I am not venturing far. I have been nursing a stinking head cold all week which has tracked as usual to my chest; but we are getting there I have been using wait for it ... Lemons, honey and a dash of ~Whisky and plenty of hot water before going to bed at night and paracetamol during the day.  There will be a scuttle full of French Onion Soup to make later and some is going into the freezer so that I can just grab and run during the week and not only that but there is only so many days you can eat French Onion Soup for and this helps to ring the changes.  I might nip to the veg shop in a while or the Coop but otherwise I will be staying close to home. 

For me Saturday is a busy day a time to catch up on household chores, the washing, cleaning and ironing.It brings me back down to earth and grounds me no matter what is going on elsewhere and sometimes we need to come down from the hurley burley of rushing around and give ourselves time to just simlpy be and totally live in the moment.  I take pleasure in simple things like preparing Saturday night supper and having time to enjoy the process.  I generally organise things for the week to come, and maybe a little later I will be able to play and do my own thing with either the cooking or with some craft work or reading or something else totally its a time to be home and sometimes that is all you need to restore you. I enjoy being home in my own space.

Catch you soon.




  1. It sounds as if you have had a busy week. Over the holidays I had bronchitis lemon, honey and hot water along with meds from Dr. I was soon feeling better. Could not use the whisky....due to the meds.
    It is still very cold, with the wind making it feel colder no more snow which is good.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Hi Patricia

    Its been busy. I am on meds and not supposed to have alcohol but I hardly put any in - its mostly hot water but it helps ease my tubes and my chest and helps me sweat it out. I have been reading about a n alternative cold remedy which is two teaspoons of cider vinegar in a mug with a level tablespoon of runny honey, top up with boiling water and stir until the honey is dissolved. Sip the hot drink slowinglinhaling the steam as you do so. Am going to give it a whirl anyway. Take care Pattypan xx


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