Sunday, 4 January 2015

Its been a funny old day

It was very cold overnight and I had to pop another blanket on the bed as I had gone cold on the inside.  

It was minus 4 first thing and  the day started off foggy, but with a wonderful shining light trying to break through the mist for a little while, the first proper sunlight this year and then it was gone and the Freezing fog took over again.  It was that particular light which is magical and uplifting and gives hope for the days ahead.  We decided to pay a trip to get rid of some rubbish at the tip and made two journeys.  On the way back OH decided to pay a visit to the air pump as the car computer was showing there was a problem.  Turned out we had a faulty valve which then proceeded to let all of the air out of the tyre.  OH tried to change the wheel but could not get the bolts undone and as he has breakdown cover on his insurance we ended up calling them out.  The recovery guy also had problems getting the wheel off to put the replacement on. In fact it took two of them and a sledgehammer to shift it as it was well and truly on to stay.  We had to wait an hour for them to come out .It only got up to minus 3 and has been around that for the best part of the day.

We then paid a visit to Kwik Fit and it turned out that we had a faulty valve that had gone in on itself which they had not seen before.  A temporary fix has been arranged so that we are mobile again and the car will have to go in to the garage later in the month to have the proper part put in.  They hadn't got what we needed in any event and therefore it was the best we could do in the circumstances.  

It has been bitter I ended up going bitterly cold and had a very bad Raynauds attack despite the fact that I was wrapped warmly.  Fortunately at Kwik Fit they had complimentary drinks which helped warm me up.  The trouble is after an attack like that it leaves me feeling bruised and chilly.  

Once we got home we tucked into stew and parsley dumplings which helped warm me up from the inside out.  Good rib sticking grub.  The cold I had earlier in the week which I thought I had got shot off seems to have come back so I will make some French Onion Soup to help keep that at bay.  I subsequently fell asleep on the sofa  in the warm for  a little while and have not done as much as had anticipated but then that is how today has been.  At least we got rid of the rubbish!  One step forwards two steps back at least now we are in the war.

Hope you have had a good day.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Sounds as if you weather like us in S.W. Ontario. I had bronchitis over the holiday season but feeling a lot better now after a trip to the Dr. for meds.
    Cars are a necessary evil, always breaking down when you don't want them to, hope yousr gets fixed soon.
    Keep warm.


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