Thursday, 22 January 2015

Paving the way to cure the bacon Part 1

This is on the agenda for having a go at, at the end of the month, but first I need to get some bits together in preparation for having a bit of a play.  Thought I would share in case you want to have a play too.

For Streaky Bacon

To start with I need a reasonable sized box that I can get into the fridge or a couple of Boxes

Some muslin

 For the Cure

2lb Sea Salt

Bay Leaves

Juniper Berries

Soft Light Brown Sugar 

I always keep some latex gloves in for handling bits and bobs as well.

I am looking forward to having a serious play.




  1. Hi.. I came across your blog when I checked out my followers.. So interested in the Streaky Bacon.. May I ask what you need for meat? Could you explain more to me. I have most of the items but no pork.. What would I buy? Thanks..

    1. Hello Faye and welcome.

      I have put up part 2 of the Recipe that I am going to follow and given some links for some other resources as well. There is a Part 3 which I will pop up tomorrow evening but the basics have been covered. I hope it helps.




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