Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saturday Roundup

Well its been a busy week one way or another with a surprise visit from my friend Veronika and her son before going back to Russia but it was lovely to see them and spend just a little time with them.  

And then last night I was partying at my firm's Christmas party at the Beehive Pub and there was a live band as well.  Company, Food and entertainment was brilliant and I got up and had  couple of wobbles on the dance floor as well  - lets just say this morning I can feel where I wobbled but that is par for the course these days.  I am also very blessed to have some very good friends.  This morning I have been taking things easy.

My nephew is also 21 tomorrow it does not seem that long ago that I received news from my mum to say that I had a nephew.  The street where I live in Peterborough used to house the District Hospital and the Maternity Wing.  Both have now closed and moved to what was the Edith Cavell Hospital site and which is now known as Peterborough City Hospital. So when he was born it was for me just literally walking out of the door and down the street to go visit him and his mum and dad in the Maternity Wing and have that first cuddle - he was my first nephew.  Happy days but it is lovely to see him grown up into a lovely young man.  Its gone so quickly.

Its very cold again and I have to go out to pick up my Seville Oranges from the veg shop for my annual Seville Orange cooking session as well as freezing some down for use later on in the year but there are some other recipes I want to have a go at too.  So as usual I have a lot to do and so little time to do it.  

I have also got to try and put my bedroom back together after the leak earlier in the week.

Hopefully time depending I will pop back a little later on.

Catch you soon.




  1. I have a lovely image now of you 'wobbling' on the dance floor !

    1. Hi Wean

      In my youth I used to strut my stuff when it came to dancing but these days even though I enjoy it I do feel slightly bruised afterwards as I cannot move like I used to so hence the wobble like a jelly. I enjoyed. Take care. Tricia

  2. Sounds as if you had a good time at your Christmas party. Paying the price today are you?
    Your marmalade will certainly taste good I am sure.
    For the amount of jams, jelly etc, I eat these days it not worth me making them any more.
    Hope the rest of your weekend is good.

    1. Hi Patricia

      Had a lovely time at the party but paying the price from the "wobbling"/dancing. Pity you not here and would have given you a jar.. Take care hope your weekend is lovely tool



  3. My eldest son was also 21 yesterday, time does fly! Haven't seen any sevilles round here yet, although I do have my eyes open. I love that sort of seasonality but its harder to maintain in the face of supermarket banality.

    1. Hi Mumasu

      Happy belated birthday to your son. In the past I have found Seville Oranges in Waitrose - but I tend to buy from my local independent old fashioned greengrocer shop at the end of the street where I live. I ended up buying 4Kgs more Seville Oranges yesterday as she did not think that they personally were going to be getting anymore in - they sell quite a few apparently. Do you have a market nearby that would perhaps sell them. Seasonal things should be enjoyed and the supermarkets are too banal and prescriptive that they remove the joie de vivre. That is why I do so much at home becuase I enjoy it. Take care Pattypanxx


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