Saturday, 17 January 2015

Seville Orange Day

Today is the day I picked up my Seville Oranges to prepare my annual batch of home made Seville Orange Marmalade to grace the breakfast table throughout the year. I make other marmalades as well but to my mind Seville Orange Marmalade is King and you cannot really beat the caramelised sweet and sour flavour of this particular marmalade but its not the only thing I do with them.  There is a lot more to the Seville Orange that meets the eye.  

I look for new recipes to me (sometimes they are very old sometimes they are more modern) and sometimes I have had the recipes for sometime and re-find them not remembering where I got them from and sometimes they are passed on to me so a right hodgepodge of resources and ideas. 

Previously I have also posted other recipes.

There are other recipes scattered throughout the blog including a post on how to make marmalade.

I do have other recipes though using the Seville Orange, these include a recipe for Seville Orangeade recipe; Nigella Lawson's bitter orange ice cream, candied citrus peel, rich Seville Orange Tart (Claire MacDonald of MacDonald), Seville Orange Meringue pie (Mary Berry), Seville Orange or Bitter Orange rind preserved in syrup, Seville Orange pieces  in syrup, Recipes for Vin'dorange using Red White and Rose wines to name but a few.

I have bought 10kgs this time round so I am going to have to get a wriggle on over the next few days @£1.50 per kg  x 10kg = £15 but hopefully those that do not get used will be made ready and frozen to use later on.  Now that I have my freezer I am making full use of it for putting up ingredients for use in the run up to Christmas and making pressies as well as feeding the household.


  1. I'm useless at making marmalade and jam, I can never get it to set in spite of following instructions.

  2. You are not useless it is just lack of practice. Most preserves of any kind take a lot longer to set than the recipe says, you have to persevere, keep stirring so that the preserve does not catch on the bottom of the pan. Most of the setting agent pectin is procured from the pips which you pop into a little musling/fine cotton cloth bag (or even j cloth) clean ovbviously and left to bob around in the preserve until the prsereve is ready. If you look around the edge of your pan at the top of the mixture you will start to get build up of jam and also the appear ance of the jam is more glace looking and the sugar crystals more obvious, there could on the spoon appear to be blobs or flakes of jelly which is an indicator that the preserve is not far off. It does take time and patience but it does give you time to dream. If I can help anymore let me know




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