Saturday, 10 January 2015

Seville Oranges

January and February are the marmalade months however when I think of marmalade I think of Paddington Bear and Deepest Darkest Peru and Marmalade Sandwiches.  We were read Paddington Bear at Junior School and I do think Paddington showed marvellous taste by his liking for marmalade sandwiches!

I went to enquire about Seville Oranges today at the Greengrocers and apparently they have had one batch in already and have sold them.  They had a partial box in today and are due a fresh supply in on Tuesday and as I cannot get to the shop during the week because of working hours I have placed an order for next week of 6kgs (some of which are destined for the freezer so as to make some more later in the year if I have run out for the house or in the alternative to make some for Christmas presents).

So next Saturday will be Marmalade day.  I love making this marmalade and there is so much that you can do with the fruit; as well as marmalade there is Seville Orange Curd, Vin d'orange it can be used in cakes or as a sauce  - however this is one preserve I do not buy from the shop as it is far nicer home made.  Besides its New Year and its about filling the pantry again so that there is plenty to eat.

When we were growing up when we went to my grandparents we used to have slices of hot farmhouse toast dripping with butter and my grandfather's home produced honey in the summer months.  In the Winter we would have porridge followed by thick buttery farmhouse toast slathered with Seville Orange Marmalade. There was always a good simple breakfast to start the day.

So that is the Seville Orange Marmalade organised - all the sugar is waiting in the Pantry and I have eggs for the Seville Orange Curd.  There are a couple of bottles of Rose and also Red Wine for the Vin d'Orange and I am going to freeze some of the Seville Oranges for goodies later on in the season.

This evening we have sweet and sour chicken for tea served with white rice for a change

Then tonight I start to prepare the Lemon Chutney so that should keep me out of mischief for a little while.

Catch you later.




  1. That all sounds so good Pattypan, and I loved hearing about the farmhouse breakfasts with your grandparents. Proper food.

    Enjoy your marmalade making. It's something I don't often do because none of us care for marmalade (I know - sacrilage!)

  2. Tis sacrilege indeed, but would not do if we were all the same. Breakfast was always done on the Rayburn made lovely toast. Hope you are keeping well.




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