Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Roundup

I have been out this afternoon which has put the mockers on the usual arrangement and timing for Sunday roast so we are having a late meal. We are having some of the rolled Pork I prepared with home made stuffing and popped into the freezer.  The crackling is coming up extremely well and we have roasties in goose fat, shredded cabbage, carrot n swede crush, peas and apple sauce and gravy.  I am really looking forward to this as I am starving.  I bet though by the time I have come to eat it I will hardly eat anything as I tend to feed on the aromas before I actually get to enjoy which is a tad frustrating as I love my food  - as if you had not already guessed.

Doesn't it look delicious.

I have also managed to bag four x three bags of garlic baguettes at 25pence per pack, two packs of asparagus at 50p per bunch and two heads of broccoli at 24p per head.Which I shall prepare and pop into the freezer to make sure that we have our veggies as well as meat.  Veggies are just as if not more important than the meat and now I have a freezer again I can take advantage of little bargains as they all help to keep the cost of meals down at the end of the day.  I also managed to bag a reduced Tiramisu which will do me for a couple of meals OH not keen so shall give him some fresh fruit.

Right I am off to taste the pork and veggies.

Catch you later


P.S.  That went down very nicely - very tasty it was too!

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