Sunday, 15 February 2015

Its Arrived

Well its arrived and I am chuffed to little bits a proper cooker I am going to enjoy using this its a proper full size cooker with double oven whoopee.  I am a total saddo really getting excited over a cooker, but then I do like to cook.

To quote from the ao website

"Perfect for the no nonsense chef, the Hotpoint HAG60K gas cooker is presented in a stylish black enamel and will look great in any kitchen. And just to keep an eye on things, the digital display acts as both clock alarm and minute minder to keep your dinner from becoming too well done. But with so much valuable cooking space, the real work goes on inside.

In addition to 4 versatile gas burners that are supported by sturdy enamel pan supports, there’s also an invaluable hob flame safety device, just in case. If a flame goes out, the gas will automatically switch off meaning there's no need to worry about gas leaks.

The main cavity offers 65 litres of cooking space, which is plenty of room for the larger family. Since it's a conventional oven, it will always be hotter at the top of the oven than at the bottom. In combination with all that useful space, this means that you can cook your delicious turkey at the top of the oven whilst popping in dessert at the bottom. It also has 2 useful cooking racks so you can fit in as much or as little food as you like.

But if you’re really going for the Christmas feast then just upstairs the secondary cavity offers an additional 35 litres of useable space. It is fully variable and can work as either an oven or grill. This cavity can be used to complement the main oven or can be used on its own for cooking smaller items to save on energy.

To spare a thought for all your hard work, it even comes with catalytic liners built in to aid the cleaning process. These liners will absorb any additional grease that may be in your oven and keep it away from your delicious dinner. Now isn’t that thoughtful".

Please note this is not an advertisement, just me being chuffed to little bits with my new cooker and my own subjective view. I am  very pleased to have a full size cooker again and a double oven.  Brilliant.   I am now off to cook Sunday lunch. 
Catch you later


  1. Hi, Good news, looks wonderful, you will enjoy using that! I was without my oven for a week and felt so bereft. Yvonne has just about recovered from the shock but we had a great weekend with the girls.
    Happy Cooking,
    Richard x

  2. Hi Richard

    Am chuffed to little bits so far with the oven. Just have to get used to it now and tweak things here and there. Going to experiment a bit more. Might make an egg custard tonight when I get in as OH particularly fond of although he does not like too much nutmeg! Glad you and Yvonne had a good time with the girls. Moments like that are special. Take care and enjoy your recovery period use it as best you can to plot and plan. Take care. Pattypan



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