Saturday, 7 February 2015


I am otherwise engaged today doing housework and having a good go through, but it is time consuming and it has taken me away from what I wanted to do i.e. cooking that has been rescheduled for tomorrow.  Sometimes you just have to get on with it but it has grounded me down a little.  There's nothing like a touch of scrubbing floors to bring you right down to terra firma.  I am currently waiting for my tea to cook some pasta and tomato sauce.

I have just been round to the Coop and managed to bag two chickens @ £2.50 each - I can always do something with a chicken.  I have also bought some reduced bananas 2 bunches at 50p each - I freeze them down and then either pop them into a milk shake or to make ice cream and there was quite a bit of other stuff too including some ready meals, miniature pork pies, scotch pancakes, grapes, blueberries, a bag of mixed peppers (I can always use those too).  There was also three pots of single cream.  So I am chuffed with what I have managed to get.

Earlier I got 3kgs tomatoes £1 a pot of 1kg, 1kg cherry tomatoes, 2 kg Red Pears, 2kgs Cooking Apples, a Squash,  and some parsnips.  The tomatoes are going into a chutney and possibly some home made tomato soup.   The red pears are going to be bottled in syrup.  The Cooking Apples are for some chutney the Squash for some soup and the parsnips for roasting with Sunday dinner.

Right have things to do catch you soon.



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