Monday, 23 February 2015

Quiet end to a busy week

It has been a very busy week this past week at work where in a normal team of 5 only two of us have been in - so it has been busy to say the least.  So much so I have been shattered this weekend and well for once have done absolutely zilch, nuffin.  

I have done some research on some cooking ideas and crafts and some new to me blogs; watched tv spent time with the animals and generally just chilled for a change. Have also written up some recipes I want to try this year.  I have a book quite a thick book where I handwrite recipes that take my fancy

Its been cold and miserable here in Peterborough today and I am so glad I have been in the warmth just simply being me.  It has been quite liberating for me not to be charging here and there and everywhere  after everyone else for a chnge - I just needed time out for me for once.

Tomorrow (now today) I have an appointment to see the Consultant at the Hospital.  I have booked the day off work  as i have to walk to the hospital and walk back.  No doubt they will order bloods whilst I am there which always takes some time and home .  When I eventually get out  I am hoping to fish out one of my craft UFOs on my return as my fingers are itching to be occupied again  and I am in the mood to craft.  I have found a lovely little blog called the patchwork heart which is a riot of colour and beautiful projects and it has kind of ressurected my crafting mojo just a little bit. 

 I am itching for a new project but I have to finish some UFOs first  By the time I have finished I hope to have a stack of blankets/throws; I have however a load more on the list I want to have a go at including some fancy cushions (my Nan used to make these for me) which are a form of smocking referred to these days as Canadian Smocking which gives fancy organised pleats to velvet and/or sateen cushions to add dimension and style to simple cushions.

Right am nodding its another day.

Hope you are all snug and safe wherever you may be.

Catch you soon



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