Monday, 2 February 2015


I have just been outside to rescue Demetri my cat and surprise surprise we have had a very light sprinkling of snow just enough to make everything look magical.  Demetri was not impressed and came running down the garden helter skelter and straight in.   Normally I have to cajole him.  He does not like being cold bless him.  The first proper snow this season.  We are low lying in Peterborough so only tend to get snow when it is reasonably bad all round the City.

It was perishing when I left work this evening, although it seems to have "warmed up" a little even though it is still cold.

It seems to be getting thicker we shall see what morning brings


It is still snowing and there is  thick layer on the dustbins and wall. It looks as though it is settling proper so it will be a early start and probably a slippery walk into work tomorrow.  It is still cold as well.  It looks as though Winter proper has arrived.  Just be careful everyone.

Take care




  1. I am betting you won't get as mich as we had last night, however, if you are wanting some snow I will send you some as we have more than we need
    Stay warm/

    1. Hi Patricia

      The country comes to a slow down with just the slightest little bit of snow - what you have would put everyone into panic. Looks lovely though.

      Take care and keep snug




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