Sunday, 15 February 2015

Test Driven

 I have test driven the cooker - first starting with some toast for a late breakfast and then this afternoon cooking a full roast dinner, roast pork, chipolatas and bacon, roast potatoes in goose fat, peas, carrots, french beans, Brussels, Yorkshire Puddings and lashings of gravy.

Has not come out too badly need to get used to different positioning on the shelves as the burners are the opposite way on to what they were with the old cooker but it has been sheer luxury to get so much more in the oven.  I also made home made apple sauce as well.  Have prepared some onions - roasted them for the base of French Onion soup for tea tomorrow evening followed by the remnants of tonight's tea.  If anything is left over after that then I  will make a mixed soup (a bit of everything that comes to hand) for Tuesday night's tea otherwise it will be something fresh; I quite fancy a liver and bacon casserole with Mashed potato for Tuesday night's tea we will have to see.

I have also prepared a gammon joint for OHs pack ups during the week and there is a nice lot of stock from that for more soup.  Waste not want not.  Some of that is already in the freezer. In these colder months we need something to keep us warm from the outside in.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.





  1. I miss my gas oven but you are spot on, if you love to cook then you need a decent oven. After all your hard work you certainly deserve it.

  2. Hi Pam

    When I was married I had a very good cooker a Belling double oven that had a Rotisserie and Kebab ring in the main oven and it was lovely to work with. Unfortunately I split with the then husband and the oven was sold with the house. When I moved in with OH (24 years ago the cooker came with the rented property - I have gone through two cookers during that time but was frustrated that they were only supplying a half sized oven. Am well chuffed so far with the new one. Take care




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