Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Case for Sausage Meat

I don't know about you but over the course of the month we use quite a few sausages whether they be in the shape of chipolatas, chunky sausages or sausage meat.  It is a very useful  versatile ingredient that I keep in the freezer. I use it for making home made sausage rolls, utilising short crust or puff pastry whichever is to hand; home made stuffing; (especially in stuffed chicken or stuffed rolled pork joints) mini pork pies; home made Scotch eggs;(best made fresh as they do not freeze more's the pity) sausage patties and sausage plait.  But sausages in their own right make a comforting warming evening meal of the old favourite Toad in the Hole, We also coil chipolatas into a frying pan with snippets of fresh rosemary and a little red wine fried in the pan  and then served rustically with either some pasta or balsamic tomatoes with herbs and chunky plain bread or served with butter.  

Run out of sausagemeat but still have some sausages to hand, skin them down and you have sausagemeat to go although I prefer to buy it in the sticks as you are not wasting the skins that way.  Equally though a nice sausage plait forms a lovely evening meal  especially if served with some fresh veggies and gravy. So sausages (or their various formats) are not just for breakfast you can indeed do an awful lot with them which gives them versaltility and a place in my freezer.

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