Friday, 27 February 2015

Trying to get organised so that I can play

When I am working on a project or projects I tend to keep the Work in Progress in a carrier bag however every so often things go to pot and I end up with a carrier bag stuffed to the gunnells this is true of the little stash above but there are a lot of useful goodies therein so I need to make a start in getting things sorted out so that I can find things.  This particular bag has quite a lot of seed beads within it, but I have a large box on top of this somewhere in the back bedroom. It would be nice to get them in one place.It will happen eventually, boxes for different things.  It would be lovely to lay my hands on my craft items and be able to go to them just like that.

I was specifically looking to see whether I had beads available to me in order to have a go at these beaded dragonflies.  I have some beads but the fittings within the wings that have a central coloured stone I do not have any of.  I am going to have to look out for some of these.  I had hoped to be able to start these beauties this month, but that does not look possible at the moment. These beauties are from the book Vintage Style Beaded Jewellery by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrelli ISBN 1-58180-547-0.  It has some lovely projects in.

Never mind.

I do have patchwork material, buttons, beads, wire, sewing thread, buttons, gold thread to play with, crotchet squares, crotchet cotton, plenty of seed beads, sequins in this bag and lots of other stuff upstairs including loads of fabric.  Now I just need the time to sit and play.

Catch you soon.



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