Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A little treat

I popped round to the shop this evening to pick up one or two bits and whilst I was there they reduced the flowers in the shop.  I love flowers and because they are so pricey I do not very often indulge despite growing up in households where a bunch of flowers on the bureau or on a side table was the norm. In fact my grandmother had a cutting garden and there were always flowers in the house.  The flowers that were reduced were pretty bunches that were £10 per bunch for three of the bunches I eventually bought and the biggest one was £20.  That is in total £50 for all four bunches - it is for this reason I do not buy them as that amount of money is a lot which could do a lot more for things that we do really need.  So it comes down to practicalities in the end and a conscientious decision at the end of the day to get more for my money.  Its not because I do not love flowers because I do I think they cheer up a room no end.

Needless to say I am over the moon with my little treat today  - its good for the soul a little indulgence now and again.  I picked pinks and whites to go into the front room and yellows and blues for the dining room.  Both colourways match the colours in both rooms.  I shall take further pictures once I have them arranged in their vases.

And the price per bunch of flowers £1 each - so for £4 I now have £50 of flowers and I feel completely spoilt.

Catch  you soon.



I have popped the flowers into vases - I am no flower arranger but I have a go.  I also collect Vases that I like from Charity shops.  I am particularly fond of the ones that I have used here.

They have not come out too badly and as they start to open they always give a little bit and settle down.
I am so chuffed with these.


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  1. If you like flowers Lidl do some beautiful bunches for
    £3.00 and they last ages , I bought a mixed bouquet yesterday of four different types of flowers and they are beautiful , An affordable treat xxx


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