Monday, 9 March 2015

Its been a long day

Especially after a busy weekend.  

However work aside, I popped into town at dinner on the look out for crafty things.  I have two new books one on cushions and in particular there is a cushion created from Suffolk Puffs that I am quite interested in.  I have also seen a bed throw created in the same way.  These two projects would marry up very well and could be worked a little at a time. I have some small pieces of pretty fabric which I think would look lovely made up like this.  I also bought another crochet book.  In fairness they were from the cheapie book store in town The Works so I have paid nowhere near the full price.

When I was younger I liked everything to match as I am getting older I like things to blend hence my interest in patchwork and my crochet projects.  Colour is important to me.  Refound items are being used along with items that I have had from new. Over the years I have found some beautiful needlework items where they are damaged  - say on the frame or the mounting and they have had a new frame added or new mounting and the item is as good as new.  That type of reclaiming pleases me the most.

I had to go and get some more wool for the present project I am working on at the moment and also a couple of more balls of wool in readiness for the highly coloured throw.blanket I have my eye on.  A deep purple and a lilac were purchased today.  I shall keep adding to the stash as and when I come across other colours that I have not yet sourced.

I have also bought some more beads to make some more necklaces and bracelets.  The beads were 20% off.  So I have saved a little.

Right I must be off.

Catch you soon.



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