Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saturday so far ....

Its very cold here in Peterborough today bitterly cold a complete reversal to yesterday the beginning of the Spring Equinox and the day when we had an eclipse of the sun.  I walk into work every day and so gradually saw the eclipse little by littlea; it was  special and emotional time full of hope for the days to come.  My colleagues and I also kept checking through the window at work until we saw the complete cycle everywhere went dark but there was a purplish goldeny clouds round the outline of the sun so much so that we (my colleagues and I could empathise with people years ago thinking it was a bad omen and that the world was coming to an end.

That was yesterday today has been an early start. Neither us really wanted to get up because it has been a long week.  However we had an invitation to go out. My step-son invited us out to breakfast to the Iron Horse Diner in Market Deeping the men had fried breakfast, but us ladies - Louise had a bagel with bacon egg and cheese served with hash browns and I had 3 large pancakes with lots of blueberries and ice cream.  It all went down very nicely washed down by mugs of tea. We have been there before but it makes a nice social occasion to meet up.

Now back to the nitty gritty housework catch you later.



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  1. I have followed you for so so long and always I am in a good mood after reading your blog .Thankyou for posting normal everyday happenings .
    Alette Lyssand Thorsnes


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