Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Potterings

Its been a bit wet n miserable here today and I had asked OH if he would take me to Farm Foods today - they have extended our local store and I had not been since they upgraded.  Potentially we went just  going for a look around.  However there were a couple of pit stops before arriving there.

OH decided that the car needed a real good clean and we have a very good local hand wash service which is not too ridiculous once a month and so we went there first.  There was a queue so I left him and went and had a look around Dunhelm whilst he waited in the car and then once that was done he would come and fetch me.

So I had a little time to have a good mooch around in Dunhelm.  I am going to need some new bedding shortly so I was having a good look at what they had sheet wise and I think I may well be having a closer look in a month or so. I love soft furnishings of any kind and I was also having a good look around the section with the cushion pad blanks as I have some fabric I picked up cheap at Christmas (expensive by the metre) for next to nothing and there is enough to make some cushion covers which will match in with what I already have as well as enough to use some in a patchwork throw or two.  I might start buying a couple each month - I also need some blanks for bed pillows as well. I prefer feather pads.  The ones I have are washable and come up well  - i tumble dry them - I also fluff the pads up in between by popping them into the tumbler.

I picked up a wicker basket quite a large one - fully lined which will make a lovely craft basket.  I have a thing about baskets - but this one is large enough to hold all the wool for the crotchet gift I am in the process of making at the moment.

I also had a good look around their fabric and sewing/craft department as well as the cooking equipment section.

I also found two large mugs which I am quite chuffed with.  I hope when I go back at the beginning of the month they will have some more as I really do like them.

At long last I have also acquired a new set of kitchen scales which I have been after for a little while; I have been struggling with a small set but spotted these today.  I think they will be ideal.  

We then went on to Farm Foods and took advantage of some of the offers.  Today was really about having a good look around but I had to remember that I only had so much space in the freezer so did not get some things that I would have under normal circumstances.  That will happen another time.  The beauty of Farm Foods is that they have offers on lots of other pantry stuff like corned beef Princes £1.65 a tin which is quite a good price.  I always keep  corned beef in as it makes a quick meal with  home made chips, fried egg and beans. I also picked up some lockwood mushy peas at 29p per tin.  There was lots of other stuff available some of which I took advantage of.  Needless to say the freezer is now topped up.  I also bought three bags of mixed frozen fruits at £1 per bag which will be ideal for smoothies first thing for breakfast might give my mojo a bit of a boost and a bit more energy.

Catch you soon.



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