Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Trying to get organised

Well I am trying to ressurect my mojo it seems to have walked off in a huff at the moment!  However in an effort to try and get things organised and to make me feel as though I have achieved something I have purchased some little tiny books that can be kept in my handbag as aide memoires for what I actually need or am after.  Each book has different contents i.e. Ingredients for making Gravlaxs, Bacon, etc just marked up with the ingredients required.  Another one is Garden orientated with a list of seeds I already have, plants I have, seeds and plants would like, fruit bushes and canes, fruit trees etc so that if I do come across some bargains I will be poised to make the most of them.  List after list, but all concisely kept and not too much of a nuisance in my handbag (I have a bottomless pit of a handbag).

I have also sorted out a bag of seeds I had into an old shoe box so that they are easily accessible and out of the way of the cats (they have a penchant for re-arranging things if they get the chance with disastrous results. I have also popped the new seeds into this box.

Small steps still a long way to go.
Come pay day I will look to pick up some more seeds, plants, shrubs consumables etc.  In the first instance I will look in the pound shop, Wilkinsons and the market.  I need a couple of new propogators and some covers for my mini greenhouses to start with as well as a new watering can and some wellies as the ones I have have about had it - I have had them years.

I am now sat working a few squares for the present I am making for a friend.  So upwards on onwards.

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