Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday update

Spring is starting to put in an appearance the sap is rising and the Sun has started to put in an appearance hurrah.  The photos above are of the plants I bought last Saturday and are due to be planted up this weekend.  So cheerful so pretty.

Its been a sunny day here but the wind has had an edge to it which has been a bit nippy. I was glad to get in to the warm.  However  I fell asleep on the settee again after I got in, this is becoming a little bit of a habit of late.  There is someone else who has been catching up on a bit of shuteye too.  Pampered pooch does not come into it.

I think she has her humans well trained!

Catch you soon.





  1. I get home from work full of plans too but by the time tea is done and cleared, I sit down and next thing I know it's ten thirty and its time for bed, doh!

  2. Hi Mumasu

    I try and keep busy even when I am sat down but have been nodding off with my crochet on my lap and then do not sleep as well later on. Hopefully this stage will pass. Take care Pattypan xx


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