Monday, 20 April 2015

Aims for the week

I need to take myself in had and start to get things done I have been spending too much time on the computer researching some things I want to make or have a go at but now I need to get on with things so I thought I would set myself a little aim list for each week.  This week is starting with a deep clean of kitchen equipment - it gets cleaned regularly but this is a deeper clean if you get my gist.

I would like to get done the following this week:

  1.  Use the Tumble Drier as little as possible. - achieved
  2. Clean the Dishwasher, add sachet of cleaner pop it on a regular programme and let it run through the cycle empty. Once clean add more salt and then clean and polish the outer part of the machine. achieved
  3. Clean the Washing machine, add sachet of cleaner, pop it on a regular programme the same as the  Dishwasher . achieved
  4. Clean the cooker.
  5. Clean the fridge.
  6. Clear some of the ironing pile. achieved
  7. Wash all the seed trays and pots and planters ready for use this growing season. achieved
  8. Get some seeds sown.
  9. Start to stitch together  the knitted squares I completed a while back for a throw/blanket - I would like to get all of this stitched and then I will only have to finish knitting the border.  That will be another UFO out of the way then. did a little
  10. Crochet some more inner squares for the new blanket/bedspread for my bed.I have 55 made so far. did a few now got more wool so should be able to work a few each day
I think that is more than enough to be going on with.

Catch you soon.


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