Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Catch up on Monday

The weather has not been too bad this weekend when you put things into focus and look at the bigger picture but one of the bonuses for me is that I can get the washing out on the clothes line, and dried naturally without having  to resort to the Tumble Drier which I have to do for the main part during the winter months .  With me having Arthritis I cannot do with damp washing hanging around drying as it does not do me any good. The house is cold enough as it is. Therefore it is a blessing to get the washing on the line.  I like the smell of freshly laundered linen; its one of these smells like fresh bread very comforting very homely very clean.

 The light nights are making me want to take advantage and get on with some of those projects that I keep putting off like the garden.  Winter I tend to vegetate, and do things whilst watching the TV or I am on the computer..  Now that the lighter nights are here I want to do things (medical conditions permitting which they do not  always allow me to).  So I set my aims list for the week what I would like to focus on tackling and last night I made a start.  I did not get sat down until 10:30 am and that includes cooking tea.

I managed to get three things done last night:

  1. Cleaned the Dishwasher.
  2. Cleaned the Washing machine.
  3. Washed  load of planters, seed trays and pots and put the new cleaned pots into one of my mini greenhouses.  I still have  a load more to go but I have broken the back of it.  I should be able to start sowing seeds shortly.
So I am firmly on track.
Extras that I managed to do that were not on my list:

  • boiled a piece of ham for pack-ups.
  • Did some more washing and hung it out in the fresh air. 
  • Sorted the cats biscuits out and put them into old sweetie containers to keep them dry and out of the paws of the moggies who know how to chew their way through the bags and help themselves. Nothing is sacred in this house!

Unfortunately I did not have any time to do any sewing up or crochet squares but there is always today.

Catch you soon.



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