Sunday, 19 April 2015

Its been a Pottering Kind of weekend

It has been quiet here this weekend.  A lot of pottering has gone on but not as much as I would have liked which is frustrating but this is mostly down to my back which has been playing up a bit this past week;so its a case of taking things steady whether I want to or not but that is the way the cookie crumbles so it has been a resting weekend where I have been internet hopping, doing some research for some projects ahead.I did go out in the garden yesterday when it was nice and sunny and started to sort out two mini growing houses I have had for the past couple of years.  It was time to replace the covers which I managed to do and clean the houses out themselves.  I now have to start washing the pots and then I can start sowing some seeds.  That's the bit I like best (apart from eating that is)

More washing was done, some bread made, and a lot of resting done.  

I had a play with a square for a future project .- another blanket - a larger version of the square I am doing for the bedspread  in my room but this time using a lot of individual colours rather than a marled wool.  I tend to go where the wool leads me when creating with scraps. I am pleased with the colourway that I have come up with but I used a larger hook than I normally do which has given a more open texture which I do not think is helping with the way the square lays.So its back tot he drawing board with that one.  Will have to have another play tighter tension smaller hook required. I love colour and the colours of the piece I have been playing with are what I call "Art Nouveau" colours. We will have to see how it goes -very much a Work In Progress. The size of the block I have in mind is a 12 panel blanket/rug with each square being made up of 20 rows.  We shall have to see whether this is sustainable or not.

Back to the drawing board me thinks.

Right am off to doing some further pottering.

Catch you later.



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