Saturday, 18 April 2015

Veggies for the Freezer to use out of season

I love parsnips and I love swede and carrot crush and we will soon be at the end of the season for both items.  Therefore to carry me through the summer months I always prepare a quantity of each so that we have the option to have  them for a change intermingled with the new produce.  There is something comforting about good what I call comfort food good for the soul and the body.

I have therefore set about preparing the parsnips by peeling and chopping the ends off and then cutting in half. Only if they are big enough do they get halved again.  They then go into a pot of boiling water and are blanched for a couple of minutes and then straight out into cold water refreshed and drained.  Patted dry and then I portion them into bags (in this household 2 at moment but if more then portion it up for what your needs are  - say a couple of pieces of parsnip per person.

I have also managed to get some swede reduced (20p each) and I have on this occasion prepared and cubed the swede blanched it, drained it and then packaged up.  I have not got any carrots at the moment to make the carrot crush so this makes the swede fairly flexible and can be used in casseroles and stews in this format as well, as being made into carrot crush  (once I have the carrots) and then there is swede puree as well.

So that's another couple items off the to do list - still a load more to do - a list as long as your arm.

Catch you soon.



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