Monday, 13 April 2015

Yesterday was a family Day

My Mum, brother, sister in law, nephews one and two and OH and I went out for a family meal.  Its becoming a bit of a tradition for us all to go out for a Sunday lunch when my eldest nephew is home from University a few days before he goes back.It was lovely to catch up with everyone and I think mum just likes us all to be together.  We had a carvery lunch spent about 4 hours socialising and then all went our separate ways again. Its good to catch up with the boys as well and it does my mum good to get out and about a little bit.  Nephew number one is at Warwick University doing a Physics Degree  - Am not sure whether he is doing the Masters on top but I know that he is doing four years - he is nearly at the end of year three. Nephew number two is swotting hard for his A levels he also intends to go on to university we have yet to see what course he chooses. Both lovely lads very well behaved and easy to talk to very engaging I am very proud of them both.

The best part of going out for a meal for me apart from the meal is discovering different drinks. I like Crabbies Ginger beer,but do not always have this when out as the mark up tends to be atrocious.  We buy it and drink it in the privacy of our own home.  I am also fond of the Jeremiah Tree Cider but yesterday I found a lovely cider - a fruit cider Old Mout Cider with Summer Berries it is absolutely gorgeous. I also have  bottle of Passionfruit and Apple to try and they also do this in Kiwi and Lime.So if you get a chance to try this please do it is well worth it (well so far the summer berries will report on the passionfruit later).  Mine yesterday was served over ice and it really was lovely went down very smoothly.

Right housework beckons and I have a joint of pork roasting in the oven for a late supper

Catch you soon




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