Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lavender and the Undie Drawer

I always remember lavender from the early days of my childhood as my mother had a big bush of it in the garden.  The smell to me is evocative then of what seemed for ever long summers, being out in the sun bare legged enjoying the freedom to roam and be children.  But it is also a "clean" refreshing smell a comforting smell - warm days, long nights - scented gardens .

I love the scent of this old fashioned long-lived aroma that makes my undie drawer smell lovely each time I open the drawer.  I have some lavender sachets in there made to pretty up as well as make the linen smell lovely. A girlie girl thing which started when I was a little girl at junior school where we were each taught to make a mother's day present for our mothers.  

A simple heart lavender sachet made of various fabrics (mine was made of distinctive green taffeta and then edged with pretty white lace - I believe it was some fabric left over from my mother's 21st birthday dress).  Ours were hand sewn (the school did not have a sewing machine but were keen that girls learned solid skills that would hold them in good stead).  We were not only learning hand-stitching skills whilst creating a mother's day present for our mums, we were also being taught to give of ourselves and create something lovely to please someone special.  So really it was a win win situation all the way round.  It also unleashed creativity and another way to express oneself.  

The lavender bag I made  was finished and was stuffed with some wadding and then the lavender was emptied loosely into it.  These days I make a little twist of muslin stuffed with the lavender  and then tied (more like a little bundle) or a little square sachet which can be replaced year in year out into the pretty outer  sachets  so you still keep your pretty feminine bits and your memories in your drawer.

This would be a lovely little project for a young girl to have a go at to say make something for Aunty, Grandma or even mum. Perhaps if your child has learned cross stitch she could make the front of the sachet in Aida embroider it and then make a fabric backing and then stitch together adding some pretty lace along the way.  I am a big believer that it is just not down to the school to teach our children but that we should also back up what they learn with teaching at home as well.  They are only as good as the amount of time and effort we put into them -  the nurturing element if you like.  You can always tell the parents' that care.

These are some of the sachets I have made and this is a sachet that my step-daughter Ruth made me for mother's day when she was little.  I taught her how to cross stitch but she made this all on her own (hit my stash without my knowledge) and stitched it for me in her bedroom during her quiet moments alone.Surprises like that are very special because they are made with love and come from the heart..

Recently a new shop called Tiger has opened in our Queensgate shopping centre and they sell little packs of lavender for £1 a pack so I have snaffled a few packs (before you all get there now I have told you where to locate) to use in some new lavender bags that I have been making over the past few days.  I already had the lace to hand having come across two big reels at £1 each at my local charity shop so a little bit of thrift in using up other people's remainders, fabric scraps, lace and dried lavender to make new little scented bags to freshen up my undie drawer again - well it is spring and they do look pretty. I like re-loving items that others have passed on with either repairing them or revamping them and putting them to a different use.  I am a very tactile person and wool and fabric speaks to me very loudly - even recycled fabric; and I end up with bits and bobs everywhere. Remember everyone needs something lovely or pretty to look at once in a while as it lifts the spirits, but making things grounds you down and also enhances your home and makes it very individual.

Now that I have made some lavender sachets I need some padded coathangers to go in the wardrobe too.  I try and do a few every so often, because pretty things in a lady's boudoir are very pleasing.

I am however going to try and get a few bushes of lavender set in the garden - I have seed to grow from scratch and then I will be able to produce my own lavender for use in cooking and in pot pourri and for little bunches to turn into lavender bottles or just a few dried sprigs to decorate a present.

Sorry still a backlog with the photos will pop up as soon as I can.



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