Sunday, 17 May 2015

UFO Revisited My kntted blanket

Whilst I have been absent I have been working away at my knitted square blanket which consists of squares knitted in different shades of lilacs and purples and white.  It is not perfect but it is a first blanket for me and knitted.  Crochet I have no problem with but knitting I get very bored with even though I love and appreciate knitted patterns. I am just not patient enough.

I have spent most of my free time in the evenings stitching up this blanket.  It is a little bigger than I envisaged but it is snuggly and will be ideal to cuddle under on  a cooler day.  To finish it off I just need to knit the edging which I have already started and then when it is finished stitched on then my UFO will be completed and that will be another one that bites the dust. Still have plenty more to go though.

Unfortunately I am having technical issues in downloading the photos I have taken but I will add these in at a later date.  The photos below are the start of the sewing up.

I will see how the UFO projects go but come autumn I may well attempt another one of these and hopefully do a bit better job.  You learn by your mistakes (mine though not drastic need to be brought under control) besides it makes whatever you make very individual and "yours".  It will be well used for cuddling under on a chilly evening.
Catch you soon.



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