Saturday, 13 June 2015

Ball Preserving Jars

I have been up town today shopping and nipped into Lakeland for a quick look around and I got a very nice surprise.  Lakeland have started selling Ball Preserving jars in different sizes and at a reasonable price. Eureka.  And I bought two packs of 4 of their 135ml Regular mouth quilted jars for £4 odd each set of four. I have also found out that the lids and rings are interchangeable with the Kilner jars.  They had four different packs of jars in different sizes and also beginners water bath set for processing the jars.  I thought the prices were reasonable they certainly appeared to be cheaper in the long run than the Kilner jars, but perhaps those of you who do source the Ball jars will know better.  All the items are on the Lakeland website.  The jars I bought are the smallest but will be ideal for popping redcurrants or blueberries (for topping my yogurt of a morning) in or for pates and also for cheeses and membrillo although for pates I would need a Pressure Canner - I wonder if Lakeland are going to introduce those as well - bearing in mind that at long last Ball are putting in an appearance in the British market. It will be nice to have a choice of different jars though at long last. 

This is not an advertisement - this is my own subjective view - I love preserving and its good that at long last we are going to have a little more choice.  Don't get me wrong I like Kilner but different sized jars have different uses and a lot more potential.

I also bought the Large Kilner Drinks Dispenser from Wilkinsons today.  I intend to get another one but they will be ideal for family parties etc.  Wilkinsons by the way have them cheaper than John Lewis and Lakeland -  this is £30 in both those shops.  In Wilkinsons they are £20.

Right must get on catch you soon.



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  1. if you were looking to pressure can small amounts you can use a pressure cooker, you could only do the small jars though.
    Its nice to know that Lakeland are doing Ball supplies Thanks :-)


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