Saturday, 20 June 2015

I considered crafting but .....

Thank you for your kind wishes and concern.  I considered doing some crafting to keep myself occupied whilst I have been recuperating but in the end did not get to any. I have just rested.

I bashed the back of my head quite badly whilst in the fit and also did my back in as well.  I am never really with it for a few days after an attack  - I did not even know what day it was and have spent the best part of my recuperation either sleeping or just sitting. After a fit I am a bit foggy and headachey quite frequently for a few days after until I land.  I just come too naturally - its less stress to my body this way.

I have not been able to focus on anything in particular and I think the just sitting often benefits me far more although doing nothing drives me up the wall.  I find it very difficult just to sit and several times I fell asleep on the settee.  Not very productive but what was needed.

I even had my sewing machine set up and then could not find my bobbins or sewing threads so it looks as though I am going to have to source some new bobbins and threads.  I have a couple of pairs of work trousers that need repairs so hopefully by the end of the week I will be all set up and ready to roll. I have popped them somewhere safe and now cannot find them which is annoying.  I need to get my craft area sorted so that I can set too when OH goes fishing.  I am considering buying some of those plastic stackable drawers to store quite a bit of it in and to keep types of crafts together so that I can locate things.  At the moment I know I have stuff but I haven't got a clue where it is.  It needs sorting and organising and then I should be able to get on with things.  I have lots of fabric as well even more reason to get organised - its very frustrating starting something then not being able to get on because I cannot locate something.  I am after another table for the computer room that I can set all my sewing stuff up on and leave where it is and just keep going backwards and forwards to it. I will be able to leave my Serger up then as well and may be get some clothes made.  I used to do a lot of sewing at one stage.  I also have fabric to make throws and cushion covers which it would be nice to get out of the way.

I do however have a lot of UFOs.  I have dragged the wool related ones out which in the most part relate to throws and blankets I have on the go. Its mostly crochet but there are some knitted garments that need sorting out too.  I have more wool than I thought - I will need to purchase some more to finish some of the throws/blankets off but if I do an hour or so of an evening before I go to bed I should be able to start moving these soon.  I hope so as it would be nice to get some of the UFOs shifted.  I have found my knitted band that I had started for my knitted blanket so I have dragged that out as that is not far off being completed. 

Oh well I suppose I will get there one day - just don't know when but with OH going fishing again it would free up some time for me to play which I desperately need.

Right catch you later.



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