Sunday, 7 June 2015

Shakey Shakey Shake Shake

This is a pancake shaker currently available on the market (it is the only image I could locate) but it is not quite like the one I have.

This is not an advert either.

I have had a batter mixer shaker for quite a few years which I had totally forgotten about. I was cleaning a cupboard out the other day  - looking for my Easiyo flasks when I came across it again.  I have therefore quickly pressed it back into use  for making breakfast pancakes, crepes suzette, Scotch pancakes, blinis etc.  We do not have them every day but the batter is there in the fridge for either myself or OH to quickly make something to eat before going off to work each day.  It keeps for a couple of days in the fridge like this and leaving it overnight in the fridge allows the gluten to give and you end up with a thicker batter or you can thin it down if you wish.  Its one way of having a quick delicious breakfast when you are on the run as it does not take long to cook at all.  I cook on either a griddle, frying pan normal size or an individual sized pan.  I also have a party pancake maker which makes about six small pancakes at a time ideal if you have guests staying over.

I have been making up a batter mixture of about 250g Bread flour, 3 eggs and enough milk to form the consistency of pouring cream (no sugar) of an evening and giving it all a good shake and then leaving it to rest overnight. The recipe is a little hit and miss and organic (in practice about a quarter of the holder in flour, three eggs and then enough milk to thin to the consistency of pouring cream).  Come morning I have a batter mixture which is reasonably thick or which I can thin down; before using I give it another couple of vigorous shakes and then either thin down if the batter is too thick.  However in practice what I have been doing is having nice thick pancakes one day and crepes Suzette style pancakes the following and then adding a minimum amount of sugar and either orange or lemon juice or golden syrup (no sprinkled sugar on these) or adding fresh strawberries and cream or yogurt, blueberries, any fruit that is in season or which you fancy its a bit naughty but it is breakfast and you have the rest of the day to compensate if you are on a firm diet regime.

Breakfast is important though and many of us skip it because we are in too much of a rush but it can be quite civilised to start the day with a couple of pancakes with fruit or without, a nice mug of tea or coffee, listen to the radio and generally take time out for yourself.  It puts you in a good frame of mind to start the day and deal with everything in your stride.

Pancakes in a round about way are good for you and can either be simple or naughty.

Drag that pancake shaker out of retirement - it just needs a little shake to make lovely pancakes.

On that note I will catch you later.



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