Monday, 13 July 2015

Hello Everyone

I am sorry I have been missing for a little while; I haven't been well myself having had another seizure and I missed my Mum's 80th birthday celebrations to boot as a result - not a Happy bunny for missing the celebrations but also - the driving is out - I think it is going to be a non starter.  Its 14 months since my last attack!  Think it was temperature related again - I have a wonky thermometer!

 I have also had my mother seriously ill in Hospital.  As with my Dad I went up to  the Hospital every evening and spent a good couple of hours with her each night, as did my baby bruv.   (It was much easier when the Hospital was at the end of the street as I just used to walk up.  The new Hospital I can walk to but it is further and takes a while to walk; but after a busy day at work it was easier to go by taxi.  I was quite often allowed to stay longer than visiting hours and it was often gone 10pm when I got in to get ready for work and then back to the Hospital again.  I must say the staff were wonderful with her at Peterborough City Hospital and I cannot thank them enough.

I am of the view that we look after our own.  Our parents look after us when we are young and vulnerable and it is only right that we should look after them and be there for them as best we can when they need our help. That is what family is about. Fortunately Mum is now home and much brighter but I am keeping my beady eyes on her and helping her where I can.  We only have one set of parents and we have to look after each other where we can and the best that we can. Family is everything (even if you don't necessarily get on 100% of the time).

So I guess I have some catching up to do on reading blogs and some posts that have been mulling around.  Must get the thinking cap on and the words down on paper.

So I think I am back and I will catch you later.





  1. what a blow and the worse is not being able to drive I dont think I could cope with that, good to hear that mum is on the mend :-)

  2. Hi Dawn,

    It is a bit of a bummer I think I am just going to have to get used to the idea for the time being of not being able to have a go at driving for another year. Back to the drawing board as they say. Nil Desperandum and all that jazz. Mum is getting there; and the latest round of illness has shaken her up a little; but at least she is having a go at things. I was seriously worried whilst she was in hospital as she had to have two blood transfusions during the course of a day and even now they cannot really put their finger on what the real problem was. I just knew she was not right and what she went in for wasn't what she came out with. But slow and steady little steps and hopefully we will get her there. Take care.




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