Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bottles and Jars

I paid another visit to TK Maxx again today ostensibly to get the Kilner jars I spoke about last week.  However I came across a cheaper option Quattro Stagionni jars for £1.49 each.  I bought 11 (thats all they had) - I need them for the Pasta sauce and also some bottled cherry tomatoes. Why did I buy them instead of the Kilner jars.  I have a  load of these jars  that I purchased a few years ago.  I did think that I would not buy anymore as I did not find it easy to buy the proper lids but I have since found out that the standard sized jar  (50 cl/17oz)the replacement rings and seals from the new Kilner seals and rings fit them perfectly so you can interchange them.  They do larger sized jars as well but the rings and the seals would have to larger if not using the proper lids.

I also bought some 2lb jars from Lakeland.  These are designated to be used for pickling onions and pickled shallots. I bought eight today and no doubt will have to source some more.  I have also ordered some replacement lids from the Jam Jar Shop as I recycle gherkin jars that the other half has. I recycle where I can as it saves valuable pennies and recycles something that otherwise would be wasted besides they are a decent sized jar for pickles.

Right am off to bed been a really busy day.

Catch you soon




  1. Thanks for alerting me to the Jam Jar Shop as I'd not come across them before. I think I shall be checking out TKMaxx today too.

    Sadly, I can no longer eat pickled onions ( and I LOVE them) because the vinegar makes my asthma worse (long story).

    I'm glad you got the jars you were looking for anyway.

    1. Hi BB

      I have known of the Ja, Jar Shop for sometime and the have some good preserving recipes . However last night was the first time I had ordered. Lakeland have been doing 2lb jars but they do not do the replacement lids and I like to reuse the jars where I can with new lids. TK Maxx has a lot of lovely houseware stuff - there is always something different in there. However if you see something buy it there and then because odds are it will not be there if you leave it

      Sorry about the pickled onions and sorry you have an insensitivity that affects your asthma.

      I was well pleased with the price on the bottles. I have bought some more today as well and some more cherry tomatoes . They will get done tomorrow now.

      Catch you soon and hope you are keeping well. Take care.




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