Sunday, 27 September 2015

Glorious Autumn Sunday Roundup

It has been a glorious beautiful bright day here in Peterborough  despite starting off foggy  - but then September is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  I have been busy most of the day predominantly in the kitchen. 

 I also upgraded my computer programme to Windows 10 yesterday and I seem to have a bit of the speed back with my computer as a result  I had been putting it off but basically ended up having to do it as Windows 7 just was not cooperating.Phew.  One less problem to think about.

OH was supposed to go fishing this weekend and decided against it at the last moment.  So unfortunately I did not get my play time with the sewing machine.  The computer room where he tends to hang out is also my sewing room when I decide to sew.  Hopefully he will go next week so that I can schedule some me time into the Agenda for the week.

My phone has also given up the ghost so I am waiting for a new phone to be delivered as I dropped my other one in the Hospital when mum was there and it shattered the screen and then bits started going wrong from there.  That should be here sometime this week.

We have also been to the Cash N Carry. I go there most months to get stocked up with my soap powder and fabric conditioner.  We also purchase a lot of meat from there and things such as vinegar and sunflower oil and anything else that works out cheaper in the long run.  We use Hyperama.  

I have also been to the Butchers ABC Meats because they stock the cat biscuits for my moggies and we also use the Butchers for different meats to the ones at the Cash N Carry.  

When we have got in we have ended up bagging everything into generous portions.  We bought chipolata sausages Lincolnshire and bagged them up into 6 to a bag which will be more than generous for sausage sandwiches or cooking with Yorkshire Pudding or as Toad in the hole  The minted lamb steaks £5 for  a  tray we have left as is so there will be two good meals there as I bought two trays.  There were then the Chinese pork steaks a big tray for £5 - 5 to a bag have five bags there.  £3 for a large bigger than salami sized black pudding portioned for breakfast meals and bagged up two to a bag another five bags.  Chicken portions £18 for a big deep tray we have bagged three to a bag which is more than enough for cooked chicken meal or used in a stir fry there are about 10 bags there. I reiterate these are larger breast portions than you get in the supermarket.  I was eyeing up a very large Topside joint which |I could have got three generous joints out of but I think I will look again next month.  I am particularly looking for  piece to have a go at spiced beef this Christmas. 

I also bought Two gammon joints, and various other bits and bobs and 8 bags bacon portioned in six rashers.  It all helps for meals during the week.  I also bought a very large pate in the Cash n Carry for about £5 and have about 8 generous portions of that in the freezer as well.  Ideal for toast and pate on a winter evening or for an antipasti platter or for pack ups.  So am very chuffed to have stocked up again.   It is a Brussels pate. Will have another look next month to see whats about and add a bit more.

We took Missy Walkies but it was later than planned so I will have to go foraging of an evening during the week.  Will probably give me more time to concentrate on particular items.  

Right upwards and onwards loads to do still.  Will show all when I get the new mobile.

Catch you soon.



I shop around a lot and use several sources to acquire what I am after.

I have also bought two trays of eggs £4 for the two.  I know I will not use the second tray so I have plans to pickle the eggs for Christmas.  OH is quite partial  -I am not keen but he is not allowed a lot of sweet stuff so it balances out at the end of the day and he does have to eat.


  1. Before we started raising our own meat I used to go to the butcher and buy in big trays divide up and freeze its a lot more cost effective and the butcher could tell me were the meat had come from. :-)

  2. I'm out of breath just reading about that have been so busy!!!cx


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