Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Not our Mums, Mums meaning Chrysanthemums and the like I spotted them last week on the flower stall so I am hoping they will still have them left when I pop by later in the week.  Could do with a shot of colour in the tubs in the back garden. They had them in gold, lemon and white  They are very easy on the eye and look good in tubs.  

Mum always used to buy Chrysanthemums and take them to my Dad's grave but she always managed to get them to shoot and her plants in the garden are all self sown.  As it is autumn and I want to start to get some plants together so that I have a display come next autumn I would quite like some of these for the tubs in the garden.  I would quite like to get some Michaelmas Daisies too.  

I particularly would like to find some Chinese Lanterns  (although I suspect I will have to source some seed) and Honesty as both give a good display and can be used in dried flower arrangements.  My Nan always had both and I was always fascinated with the Lanterns.They were always so elegant and so cheerful.

I popped by today - the flower stall is usually in the Cathedral Square in Peterborough but it would seem they have cut their days down.  I suspect Friday or Saturday will be the time to have a look.  As they were not in the Cathedral Square I hot footed it down to the market.  They had a few but the prices were more expensive and the plants did not look as good.  Its the same stall that displays in the centre of town.  I shall have a look on Saturday to see if I can find what I am after as I think the would put up a good show for the tubs. I also thought if I bought a bit here and there would be easier to layer up and get a better effect.

Right must get on.

Catch you later.




  1. Hi so pleased you are blogging more frequently, I really look forward to reading your posts. I have a Chinese lantern plant that I bought from a garden centre as a plant. They are very hardy once you have it planted and really don't need any looking after!? Love fluffy

  2. Hi Fluffy thank you for your kind words and that you had found a Chinese Lantern at a Garden Centre will have to keep my eyes peeled. I have always liked the vibrancy of colour my Nan used to grow a lot of them and use them in flower displays at the Church where she used to help clean and do the flowers. I can also see the potential of them in displays for my dining room! There's always another reason lurking when I get interested in things! Hope you are keeping well Pattypan x


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