Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Pleated/Smocked Cushion tutorials

My Nan made me some of these pleated cushions when she was alive but over time they wore out.  I have been looking for a tutorial ever since.~Did not find any for ages and then found two in the same day.    I plan to have a go  at these during the winter months, particularly the long evenings.  These cushions are extravagant to look at but the shops charge an arm and a leg for them.

I plan to make mine out of some recycled velvet curtains bought for the fabric not  for hanging.  I have several needlepoint panels that I have worked coordinating specifically for putting into cushions as I wanted all the cushions I make to at least blend/coordinate with each other. One of the disadvantages of making them up separately is that they can end up with a different fabric to the next one done and so I have carried on completing the little panels and then will make them up in one fair swoop with either matching or coordinating fabrics.  

So I have some studying of the tutorials and some working out to do.  I may have a wander at dinner to see if I can find some feather round pads so that when pay day comes I can purchase a couple to have a go at.
There is also my long neglected clippie rug to complete.   So this and the cushions are the main projects for me for this winter's crafts.  I would like to get them done.  the clippie rug is being worked from recycled jeans.  More hardwearing for the floor.  I am making a small rug for the kitchen.


It is going to be interesting as my Nan gave me the chart for marking out the cushion panels but no instructions on how to use it.  From a brief recce of the instructions I think I have a better idea now.  Just need some time to sit and play. 


It would seem that Debbie Shore has got to grips with the smocking for cushions and bags etc and I think there is a tutorial in her new magazine "Sew Inspired" and also on the Internet.

She can be contacted on

You Tube





/debbieshore 44

and on her blog at

And there is also a bag pattern from Mrs Shore in the publiction Bags Hats and Accessories which I quite like the look of.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the photos when the cushions are finished. I love the look of smocking and am sure they will be beautiful when completed love fluffy x

  2. I will be following how you get on, I got a couple of books on smocking its something I fancy doing :-)

  3. Try Dunelm as they do reasonable feather cushion pads. And they deliver which can save you half a day and travel expenses.
    I'd love to see your needlepoint panels!!! x

  4. Thanks Emma Kate

    I will try Dunhelm. Didn't know about the delivery. Thank you.



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