Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Splitting Headache

This seems to have crept up on me since I got home I therefore anticipate being in bed shortly to see if an early night will help shift the problem.  I suspect its because have been extremely busy at work and we have had a bit of a headache with obtaining a new mobile phone which has not assisted.

OH placed an order the other evening for two new phones told us that a contract would be sent through to sign it and get it back.  We subsequently did this.  One phone arrived the other did not.  Long phone calls later and research by me on my emails and it would appear that the company involved had only sent the one contract for signature.  Have subsequently had email resent and hopefully the phone will be with me in a couple of days.  I will be on the phone again if anything else goes wrong.

We had a nice supper that went down well (a bit naughty as it was takeaway) really good fish and chips.  Because of the splitting headache I have sat tonight and done a little more crochet.  I managed to get some more wool for the lap throws for my aunt and uncle.  Aunty's is nearly finished Uncle's has quite a way to go.  I may have to put them to one side for a little while though.  Will do what I can.

I also obtained some baby wool to start the blanket for my friend from work for a cot blanket made up out of squares in white and mint.  Will have to get a wriggle on as baby is due next week (hence me saying may have to put  Aunty's and Uncle's to one side for a little bit).

I have also had to buy some more mugs today.  Only cheapies from Wilkinsons somehow or the other had  managed to break the ones I did have.  Lets hope these last a little longer.  They are bright red.  I thought they would come in for Christmas if I saw anything else I liked better in the interim.

Right upwards and onwards must get some shuteye.

Catch you soon.




  1. I hate it if I get a headache like that with me it usualy a change in air pressure that brings it on, good luck with the mobile phone company, I have been doing battle with a courier company who have lost a parcel another thing I hate dealing with :-)

  2. Hi Dawn

    I don't make a good patient. Change in air pressure affects me too but on this occasion I have had two heavy days of typing and On Monday it was non stop I dealt with two 40 minute dictations, one 30 minute and one 20 minute all on the same piece of work. Was put on and was needed for that night for presentation the next day. I did other work besides that but because I was sat my neck had got very tight. Fortunately my headache was still there this morning but not as bad. A lot easier now. Think the phone is being delivered. Turns out they had only sent one set of emails for one contract should have had a duplicate one as we ordered two phones.. If it does not come tomorrow there may well be blood on the moon tomorrow! Hope you are keeping well. Did you pay on your credit card for said item if so get the credit card provider to sort it - less hassle that way. Pattypan x


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