Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Round Up.

Its been a very busy day where things have not happened quickly but I have done a lot of sorting out in the back bedroom and re-stabilised the boxes.  Please see previous post for an update.

Things are never straightforward in this house.  You move some drawers out of a chest that has some linen in it.  Ha think the cats that's nice and cosy I will bed down!  Or I'll run through the door as soon as mum opens it and ends up tripping you up.  They have been helping of course in their usual fashion.  Do not think they are too keen on the chest of drawers having been removed as it was part of their play frame!  Don't tell them but there are a few more things to go yet.

I wasn't really up to cooking a full Sunday lunch not with everything else I have been doing so I grabbed a piece of belly pork out of the freezer yesterday and we have had that roasted  - half each (it was only a small piece cooked flat) and then roasted initially for the first hour at Gas Mark 7 so it goes nice and crispy without adding extra salt.  It turned out delicious and we had it simply with some bread and butter and apple sauce and it was very tasty.  We have a small piece of roast beef for tomorrow night's tea  - am doing veggies tomorrow.  That reminds me have OHs sandwiches to do for tomorrow.  Tuna I think.

I had a small break to watch Downton Abbey and I have a few more bits to do before going to bed.  But overall not a bad day although it it is a little nippy this evening. Just more reason to cozy down under the quilt. 

Catch you soon.



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  1. Always lovely stopping by your blog Patty. Roast pork and apple sauce delish! Have to catch up on the latest series of Downton also :)


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