Sunday, 20 September 2015

Things to achieve a little bit at a time

I am not putting a time limit on the following as I only get despondent if things take me longer to do than anticipated.  If I get through them quickly however I shall give myself a small pat on the back.

  1. I need to sort out the far corner of the back bedroom in order to move the small linen press (which is used as a craft cupboard).  Once that is done I can move the linen press over.  However there is a bit of a problem.  I have some boxes up against the wall full of books but the boxes are collapsing so I am going to have to sort them out before I do anything else. 
  2.  Once this is achieved I can then move the linen press from its current position and move it in front of the boxes.  I then need to sort and organise the contents of the linen press.
  3.  I can then sort the drawers out and put in some of my craft equipment so I can find things.  That would be very good.   
  4. I can then sort out the new position for the boxes which are full of fragile glass.
  5. Once they are done I can then bring in the small linen/blanket chest and fill with wool.  I have a lot of it and a lot of projects on the go.
  6. I can then move the keyboard and the knitting machines to the top of the two chests.
  7. Remove demi johns from the window cill and get them washed.
  8. Wash windows and put up fresh net curtain so that the window looks presentable.  I also have  blind which I think will fit.
  9. I will then put a thicker pair of curtains up at the window.
  10.  I can then move the two chests of drawers from the dining room to where the linen press was originally situated.  They are to be double-stacked one on top of the other. 
  11. Sort out upholstery fabric bought for throws and start to cut, sew and assemble. Once throws are complete source wadding and backing and then mount and tag/  Finish off attaching trim by hand. 
    So there is quite a bit to do.

    Right am off to bed catch you soon

  1.  I have managed today to sort the corner out with the collapsing boxes.  A lot of it was due to the fact the boxes were not full.  So I have chucked out the boxes which are no good and repacked the books back so that the boxes are stabilised and will not fall.  Very chuffed at getting this done. It has been time consuming but I have also found books I had forgotten I have.
  2. The Linen press has been moved and put in front of the boxes with books.  The contents of the Linen press will be sorted later.
  3.  The drawers are in situ but I do have to sort the contents. T
  4. The boxes with the fragile glass have also been sorted and re-stacked and I have sorted a load of craft magazines by title.  Will need to sort the months out next.

 Slowly however things are starting to come together.  I have a lot more to do during the week, but it is starting to clear the clutter in other rooms as well.  For instance I had a load of LPs upstairs but I now have mum and dads.  They are now all stacked together so can be easily found.

Little and often and hopefully I will get there.



    1. One step at a time and you will get there :-)

    2. Thanks Dawn I am trying to break things down into manageable chunks so that I don't feel deflated when I don't get something finished. I need to restore order and calm so that I can then focus on doing some new bits and bobs. Take care. Pattypan xx


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