Thursday, 24 September 2015

Waiting for Pay Day - Resourcing Items for the Home

I have a weakness and that is nice things for my home and I am still making and acquiring items for the home I do not yet have but they will all come in useful as I am convinced that one day I will have the home of my dreams.I just know it I can feel it I can sense it.  Timing just is not right yet!

When I was married I had my own home and we had that done out nicely not sparing on quality and refitting the whole house.  My home is my nest and I think that is why it is doing my head in at the moment with it being in such disarray.  But I will get there.  I spend a lot of time looking for things and resourcing them having a real good look around at everything before buying.  But yeterday I have been on a foray window shopping to all intents and purposes at dinner and decided to have a foray in TK Max.  I particularly like their homeware department as you never know quite what you are going to find and at very good prices.  Today for instance there were several items I was particularly interested in:

I need some new Pudding Basins you know the proper ones   I usually get Mason and Cash if I can as they last a lot of years.  Proper ceramic basins are hard to come by - especially as I object to paying full price.  Why Mason and Cash ceramic  for my Christmas Puddings of course. I have used them traditionally for years only throwing said bowls out once the glaze starts to go.  Perhaps it would be better with glass but if I can get them cheap enough I will stick with the ceramic.  The ones I saw today were £2.99 for the medium size and £3.99 for the larger size.  I hope they still have them come pay day.

Secondly I saw the two different sizes of Kilner jars for £5.99 and £6.99 for the medium and largest jars available in sets of three.  There were also some other different preserving jars available.  Yet again I am hoping come pay day they are still there.  It would save me a lot of money if they are.

I am also after some nice glass display ware for the table. I am particularly keen that the table should look attractive going for beautiful china - often second hand and building up collections bit by bit and as cheaply as I can.  A little while ago Marks and Spencers had some Bell Cloche covers at £25 each the sort of glass covers you can put on a plate that keeps the food protected.  I was fortunate enough to buy two for £10 each as I came on them purely by chance in the sale and as I had had my eye on them for sometime I quickly took advantage.  A little while ago I also managed to find some in TK Max and bought a high domed one that would certainly cover a two tier cake plate.  Today I have found small cloches, medium cloches, cake covers  and some beautifully decorated display plates to add to my collection.  For the best part I go for plain glassware as it is very forgiving and mixes and matches in easily with different pieces and can be dressed up or down as required. I buy a little here and a little there and build up collections from scratch.

I am also looking for different sized plain glass hurricane lamps the sort that you can put a large candle in and then illuminate the table adding a different ambience.  I am particularly fond of candlelight especially during the winter months. Yet again I have located them in TK Max.

So it looks as though come pay day I will be paying a visit to TK Max to see if they have any of the items I have my eye on left.  I do hope so.

I also intend to look in the local Charity shops to see what I can resource there as well as a lot of the beautiful things I have acquired are from Charity shops for next to nothing.  I like things to look lovely but I do not like paying through the nose for them.  I also keep my eye on ebay.


Quite a lot of the stuff was not there when I got there on Friday but I intend to keep looking as you never quite know in a store like TK Maxx.  However I did get my two bell Cloche covers for £7 apiece.  I now have one very large round cloche, two medium bell cloches and two small ones.  They will be ideal as food covers or for displaying other Christmas Decorations.   I am particularly after the Mason Cash Pudding bowls and also the preserving jars.  The Mason Cash bowls on average last me approx 8 to 10 years so I get my mileage out of them and they are predominantly used for the Christmas puddings.  I only tend to replace them when the glaze has gone through constant use for the puddings which stains the basins brown.  The preserving jars I need because I am putting more and more stuff down on a yearly basis.The storm lanterns which are plain glass can be dressed up or down hence the reason for me wanting the plain glass.  I have a lot of plain glass standard pieces as they mix in so well with other decorative pieces and candle sconces.


  1. I have only visited TK Max once a few years ago, it reminded me of a jumble sale and did an about turn and left, perhaps next time I am in town I will pop in again and see what its like :-)

  2. Hi Dawn I had a similar experience but the store here in Peterborough is very organised and quite well organised. We have a big homeware department upstairs everything is presented on shelves or proper hanging rails and sorted by say bakeware and storage. So very well organised and they tend to have one offs so if you see something you like grab it at very reasonable prices. There are quite some decent savings on the clothes side as well. Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan x

  3. I call TK Max "the jumble" but I did find an amazing sauté pan there a few years ago. I just do not have the patience to search through the dross to find the hidden gem. My bad.

  4. Fingers crossed the goodies are there when you return.the range is usually good for hurricane lamps , xxxmaria

  5. Hi Dotty and welcome. I managed to get two bell cloches but am to go back during the week to see if I can get the Christmas candles and also the glass hurricane lamps. Thanks for the tip about the Range I will see if OH will take me over. Take care. Pattypan x

  6. Hi Pam

    Our local store is all neatly sorted out you don't have to rummage although as I said to Dawn I remember when they first started that everything was muddled up together. They are particularly good for the Christmas decorations. Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan x


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