Friday, 2 October 2015

Reusing Jam Jars

OH is particularly fond of Gherkins.  He is Diabetic so for him Gherkins are like sweeties for him.

The jars that are left after he has eaten the gherkins are of a decent size and I do where I can recycle jars by sourcing replacement lids.  The jars are nice and large but up until now I have not been able to source lids.  However I have eventually done this from the Jam Jar shop.  I predominantly recycle for food but there are other uses.

They are also nicely shaped jars which can be turned into candle lanterns to decorate the home or to make lanterns for the garden.With a little paper cutting or glass painting you can end up with some very distinctive lanterns and then with the addition of candles or tea lights (or artificial tea lights/candles) you can end up with some home made lanterns.

I have also recently bought new large jam jars from Lakeland 4 x 2 pint jars for £5.97 for the four. Which works out  at roughly £1.50 per jar - think Jam Jar Shop cheaper but you do have postage to pay as well so it could be swings and roundabouts.

They have done these jars for the past couple of seasons but have not stocked replacement lids - which I dislike because if you are going to stock something don't do it half-heartedly - if you get the jars you should be able to buy replacement lids.  But these lids can always be replaced now I have found a source the Jam Jar shop (as above).  You also have a choice of different lids

They also do 2 pint jars from new too 8 x £8.80 = £1.10 per jar

I was just pleased to find the lids really but thought would share in case you like me had been looking for the lids - and at least if you want to you can now recycle the gherkin jars.

These jars are the ideal sized for pickled eggs, pickled cabbage, pickled onions, pickled shallots, pickled beetroot and pickled cucumber and mixed pickled vegetables.

There's some logic in there somewhere.

Catch you soon.




  1. Thanks - you always post such helpful links! In the summer I bought 24 hexagonal jamjars, with lids in a BOGOF in Hobbycraft. Without lids, and decorated with lace and ribbon, they provided floral decorations at my daughter's wedding. Now WITH lids, they are filled with my Christmas Present marmalade. I did not know about the Jam Jar Shop- that looks a useful source of stuff. weekend blessings xx

  2. Hi Angela

    If you use the Dolmio Sauce in bottles or Uncle Bens stir fry sauce both sorts of bottles can be recycled with the use of the screw on lids from Lakeland. I reuse the jars wherever I can the standard ones that is. Glad I was able to help. I still have marmalade etc. to make - have some in the freezer that I put up earlier on. Blessings to you too.




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