Friday, 6 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Cards - Part One

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  This phrase is very relevant when it comes to planning things for Christmas and make use of the time available to you.

There's a lot to do between now and the big day itself and sometimes too many things but if you pace yourself and do not see things as a chore you can really get a lot out of what you are doing and it can all be easily achieved by breaking things down into manageable chunks.  These are the watchwords really of anything to do with Christmas and large scale preparations.

One of the things I forget to do and usually end up doing last minute is the Christmas Cards.  This year is going to be different.  They are one of the first things on my list to do this year.  I have quite a few cards already although I will look round for some more.  I want to get this out of the way quickly so that I can forget about this and use my time doing the nice creative preparation stuff. 

Next year I hope to make my own cards  but that will be a WIP (Work in progress throughout the year) -Sometimes like this year things have not worked out and when that happens you just have to  make the best of what you have and get on with it,
working with what you have..

A home made Christmas is what I work to each year and each year completed is another step towards that experience.  You learn from your successes and mistakes and that experience at the end of the day makes you a better all round cook/Crafter.  So go on dip your toe in the water and have a go.  You can start off with a simple thing like paper crafting and create a paper scene for your front window using scissors and plain paper or make your own cards.  There are lots of ideas on Pinterest.  I use Pinterest as an aide memoire to find and store the links to those projects I am interested in having a go at.  You are quite welcome to have a browse on the boards I have at

I have craft discs with various images on that I am itching to get to grips with including some Debbie Moore Crafting discs.  I  would like one of the electric cut n boss die cutting machines - there are lots of lovely dies and embossing folders around which I could really make use of across the whole raft of crafts I am involved with.  I know this year is not out of the way yet but I plan for next year to make it a proper home made Christmas, get right back to basics and make presents and cards.  Put something of myself into each card and each present.  My crafting mojo is screaming to be let out big time.  But I diverse again at a tangent back to the cards.

Stage two is sitting down and actually writing the cards choosing suitable cards for the recipient.

Stage three is typing up the address labels.

Stage four is typing the annual note to those nearest and dearest -  and then slipping them in with the cards and sealing them down.  When all are sorted I then have a major count up.

Then stage five is going to the Post Office and buying the stamps.

Stage six sticking the stamps to the envelopes and leaving them at the Post Office so that they do get there on time.

Last posting dates for this year in the UK  are:

Saturday 19 December 2015 last day for 2nd Class Post

Monday 21 December 2015 last day for First Class Post

That will be a big thing off my mind and means I will be able to relax and enjoy all the preparation of the food and the decorations and may be have  a glass or two of some mulled wine along the way after all that is what I bought my smallest slow cooker for, it just helps iron out any wrinkles.

Catch you soon.



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