Sunday, 29 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas Part 23 - Popcorn

Why are you buying Popcorn when it is the easiest thing to do at home.  You do not need special equipment you can pop it in the microwave or in a saucepan on top of the hob. I have a little machine that I have had quite a few years that I use which makes things easier for me, but that Is my choice.   

I do not buy the pre-prepared microwave bags of popcorn I buy my corn in big bags (usually from my Asian paper-shop round the corner and I pay no more than £3 a bag.  I told you I was a tightwad. Yes this gives you plain popcorn but then you can choose whether you have it sweet or savoury.  A lot of the time I like it as is but there are lots of lovely recipes out there.

This year I am looking to make some popcorn garlands for decorating the tree as well as some cranberry garlands (with dried fruit) and some cookies.  But you can also make "snowballs" for decorating the tree which are essentially popcorn glued together with  third ingredient (usually sugar based but could be chocolate) and then moulded into balls and covered with cellophane and then hung off the tree.  Whether I will get there depends on the time factor but that is what I am aiming for.

As I have said before I am a great window shopper I look for the ideas and presentation of things and then nine times out of ten I find a recipe or instructions and do it myself and then add my own twist on things. That is just how I am indeed how many of us are.

Here is a link on how to make basic popcorn in a pan on the stove which I think many of you will find useful.

Here are some links below for doing different things with Popcorn which I think you might like and some of which I certainly intend to have a go at.

In my family we have a tradition going back to when we were small of going to my grandmothers and she would always have a few chocolate Christmas tree decorations either moulded chocolate bells or other shapes or chocolate coins hung on the tree.   We had to wait until the middle of the afternoon after we had had lunch before we were given one and she knew exactly how many were on the tree and who had had what.

It is a tradition my mother carried on with us and then with both my nephews.  I also did this with my step-children - you see I am not only from a predominantly very large family on my mother's side I also have extended family too and you quite never know who is going to pop round. 

My father's side has shrunk considerably over the years and that makes me sad but they are still remembered for the right reasons as being kind open-hearted people who taught us so much and were each very special in their own way and who are still with us in our hearts and minds even though we cannot give that physical hug which gave so much reassurance. 

Christmas today is not just about the Christian tradition it is an amalgamation of at least three or four celebrations  and moreover a festival of light in the long and dark months of the winter.  I therefore feel we do not have the right to  judge or be judgmental or criticise how each of us spends or celebrates  or does not celebrate Christmas whether that be putting up the decorations early or spending too much and getting into debt. Not attending church, or choosing something different.  That is essentially a personal decision for the individual/individuals concerned. Its natural to make mistakes and people do learn, but often by their own experience is the best way. Anybody who is told repeatedly not to do this or that usually has a habit of rebelling and end up doing the things they are told not to do.   We do not all fit snugly into tight little boxes.  Such is life. 

For me  however Christmas is about family and extended friends and family and doing what we can whilst within this mortal coil to make our transition and our hurdles as comfortable as we can.  Its about loving each other and celebrating the differences.  Each of us has something special to bring to the table. Being judgmental is a very negative place to be.

Christmas though is for everybody it is about family and love and spending time with each other where we can and taking part and having a go at turning your hand to that new recipe or making that popcorn garland. You see I have bought it back to the popcorn.  When you make things yourself to some degree you take away the commercialism and leaving heirloom decorations and a legacy of having a go and taking part what richer legacy could you have as it sends out the right messages to the younger ones.

Catch you soon



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